Baja Roadtrip Photos

I made it! I’m in La Paz now and I have been for 2 or 3 days now. I keep getting messages from all corners of the world asking if I’m unstuck yet and I figured with a large following these days, I should probably keep every one informed. Getting unstuck from the sand isn’t that amazing of a story unfortunately. It only took about an hour more of work and managed to do it without any help. I was however, forced to lower the air pressure on my tires, a bit lower than I would have like to drive on the highway but with that and a few boards that I found in an abandon building and a rusty pickax, I was able to get myself out and back on the highway.

So I’m in La Paz now and I’m in love! The city is beautiful, the people are friendly, the community is tight, and the water, well the water is clear, warm, and salty! The best kind of water for this sailor! I’m going to be doing some housesitting here in the coming months and I’m in a beautiful location with great neighbors and I’m only 2 short blocks from the beach. There’s even a waterpark whose slides all empty out into the Sea. How awesome is that?! And while I’m driving down to the marinas I feel like I’m in a scene from “Captain Ron.” I’m truly happy here and I cannot wait to begin building a life down here for myself. For now, I’m just trying to network and get to know as many people as I can and of course get better at speaking Spanish! For small everyday updates, Facebook will be a great way to stay posted,Sean Hall, as well as my instagram “@_captn_sean_”

Here are some pictures from my road trip down… 11129790_690448957727632_200119504_n 11130789_690737794365415_1491204128_n 11311710_690737937698734_822751939_n 11650479_690737911032070_213176130_n 11637973_690737731032088_1253419036_n 11541240_690737617698766_104995106_n 11541191_690733654365829_2075687801_n 11350048_690449061060955_1482316592_n 11336064_690738057698722_421369742_n 11336026_690448947727633_998145772_n 11651338_690732244365970_1917305427_n 11655144_690733851032476_1584917741_n 11655199_690732374365957_663231375_n 11655386_690738254365369_926970701_n 11655606_690732511032610_141213803_n IMG_0778 IMG_0787 IMG_0806 IMG_0814 IMG_0821 IMG_0836 IMG_0846 IMG_0849 IMG_0864 IMG_0873 IMG_0882 IMG_0899 IMG_0904 IMG_0912 IMG_0919 IMG_0938 IMG_0950 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0981 IMG_0990 IMG_1003 IMG_1014 IMG_1016 IMG_1023 IMG_1025 IMG_1052 IMG_1055 IMG_1064 IMG_1069



  1. I can tell you are now deep into that ‘Baja Feeling’! Enjoy!

  2. Who took all those pictures of you? Do you have your own film crew?

  3. did you eat the rattlesnake? call me when you get a moment. xxoo

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