Baja Roadtrip Photos

I made it! I’m in La Paz now and I have been for 2 or 3 days now. I keep getting messages from all corners of the world asking if I’m unstuck yet and I figured with a large following these days, I should probably keep every one informed. Getting unstuck from the sand isn’t that amazing of a story unfortunately. It only took about an hour more of work and managed to do it without any help. I was however, forced to lower the air pressure on my tires, a bit lower than I would have like to drive on the highway but with that and a few boards that I found in an abandon building and a rusty pickax, I was able to get myself out and back on the highway.

So I’m in La Paz now and I’m in love! The city is beautiful, the people are friendly, the community is tight, and the water, well the water is clear, warm, and salty! The best kind of water for this sailor! I’m going to be doing some housesitting here in the coming months and I’m in a beautiful location with great neighbors and I’m only 2 short blocks from the beach. There’s even a waterpark whose slides all empty out into the Sea. How awesome is that?! And while I’m driving down to the marinas I feel like I’m in a scene from “Captain Ron.” I’m truly happy here and I cannot wait to begin building a life down here for myself. For now, I’m just trying to network and get to know as many people as I can and of course get better at speaking Spanish! For small everyday updates, Facebook will be a great way to stay posted,Sean Hall, as well as my instagram “@_captn_sean_”

Here are some pictures from my road trip down… 11129790_690448957727632_200119504_n 11130789_690737794365415_1491204128_n 11311710_690737937698734_822751939_n 11650479_690737911032070_213176130_n 11637973_690737731032088_1253419036_n 11541240_690737617698766_104995106_n 11541191_690733654365829_2075687801_n 11350048_690449061060955_1482316592_n 11336064_690738057698722_421369742_n 11336026_690448947727633_998145772_n 11651338_690732244365970_1917305427_n 11655144_690733851032476_1584917741_n 11655199_690732374365957_663231375_n 11655386_690738254365369_926970701_n 11655606_690732511032610_141213803_n IMG_0778 IMG_0787 IMG_0806 IMG_0814 IMG_0821 IMG_0836 IMG_0846 IMG_0849 IMG_0864 IMG_0873 IMG_0882 IMG_0899 IMG_0904 IMG_0912 IMG_0919 IMG_0938 IMG_0950 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0981 IMG_0990 IMG_1003 IMG_1014 IMG_1016 IMG_1023 IMG_1025 IMG_1052 IMG_1055 IMG_1064 IMG_1069


Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

It’s about noon now and I’m stuck in the sand somewhere in Punta Canejo. I’ve been stuck here since last night after arriving in the dark. It all started when I missed my exit for Punta Conejo. I actually ended up in La Paz! However, I was not ready for my adventure to end so I turned around and continued looking for Canejo. I was running low on time as it was about 6:30 and I was watching the sun begin to set behind the mountains. I was rushing to find a destination before it was dark and I was forced to sleep on the side of the road somewhere. If you’ve ever been to Baja, you know driving at night is something you try to avoid so it was frustrating that according to the map, I had passed my turn off about 4 times! In due time, however, I finally found my turnoff. The sign was rusted and covered in stickers so that explains why I missed it so many times and it was a small dirt road about a lane and a half wide. It also looked just like private property and even had a no trespassing sign at one point so I wasn’t keen on taking that road until I was sure it was the right one.


The Sun was only shining over the horizon at this point as I drove the last half hour of daylight towards the Pacific. The road was pretty smooth but definitely not often traveled. Lots of turns and some fun burms to ride up on in the corners.

I began approaching a small fishing village and a small lighthouse. Not being able to see much, I drove just about 100 yards to the side, past the light house where I thought would be a good place to camp for the night. Well it turns out Mother Nature thought it was a pretty good spot for me too camp too and I’ve been stuck in the sand ever since. I tried to get out for about 3 hours using every method I know and finally said screw it.


 I tried again to get myself out this morning in the light for about an hour but finally accepted my fate. It just comes to show you that being cheap and buying the 4cylinder/2wheel drive Jeep is where I went wrong. It does 90% of what I put her through but if you know me, you know that I prefer to live in that 10% range. So I’m kicking back now listening to Buena Vista Social Club and waiting for someone who decided to buy a 4×4 vehicle to drive by and give me a hand.

Now to some people, this might sound like a pretty crappy predicament. But for myself, I’m pretty happy. I’m right next to the beach, the water is warm, I’ve got great music, there’s tons of drift wood for a nice fire, and I’ve got plenty of food and water to last me a few days. So I’m just enjoying the moment of down time and relaxing and catching up on some reading.
Now I’ve definitely taken a step back and analyzed what I’ve just done to myself. While I would agree with many of you that I’m probably taking bigger chances than necessary, I’m still siding with the fact that this is suppose to be an adventure and nothing is an adventure until something goes wrong. So I’ve began to keep that same positive outlook on life as I did in the hospital and began smiling and enjoying my quiet time.
I’ve also began constructing a house around my jeep in the fair to good chance that nobody finds me and I’m forced to survive off the land.

IMG_1061 IMG_1072 IMG_1076

I’ll post more as more arises… Should be another day or two…

Driving South

NOTE: This Blog was written a day or two before it was posted in case there are any misunderstandings in my timing. Internet connections are scarce in my current neck of the woods..

I’ve been waiting to to write this blog for awhile now! As most of my blogs start out, I’m laying in the back of my Jeep over looking a large body of water. This time, I’m down in Bahia Concepcion, Baja California Sur, Mexico. It’s upwards of 100 degrees out and I’d say somewhere close to 90% humidity. Sounds bad, but the water is in the 80’s and completely turquoise so it’s just awesome! I’ve began to try to write a little bit more formally but sometimes my surfer lingo is really the best way for me to explain some of my situations. I suppose I could say, “the bay possesses a certain beauty that you only seem to find in hotel brochures or paintings at your grandmothers house” but, “totally awesome” really does a much better job at describing my current view and situation a majority of the time. But I digress… It’s gorgeous out, I’ve got the entire beach to myself, I’m not being charged to stay anywhere, the water is warm, I’m not hungry and I’d be lying if I said I was wearing clothes. It really doesn’t get much better than this. If it does, please prove me otherwise!  

Let the record stand that this photo has not been edited in anyway. It’s just how great it is where I am.

  Currently, I’m making my way down to La Paz. Last night, I stayed the night in Bahia de Los Angeles and in Costa Brava, the Vicente Guerrero area, the night before that. L.A. Bay was beautiful but I wasn’t too impressed with what it had to offer. I assume there are better times of the year to go as well as better places than where I camped at as well but I knew there were better destinations a little south so I cut my time there short and drove down to Bahia Concepcion. I did, however, go kayaking and saw a crazy amount of krill and a feeding frenzy between the birds and the fish! So much so that I could put my hand in the water and grab a fistful of krill! And last but certainly not least, I saw a whale shark from my kayak! Swimming with a whale shark has always been on my bucket list but the closer I got to it in my kayak the more it swam away. So it was short lived but exciting nonetheless.  

I’m planning on staying here in Bahia Concepcion an extra day because it’s too great and I don’t care to feel rushed during road trips. I love the phrase, “I’ve got nothing but time,” and I prefer to live in a way that reflects my beliefs. From here, I plan on making my way down to either Punta Cancun or Punta Canejo. I’ve never been to either of the two places so I figured I’d stop by both before making my last leg to La Paz. 

Unfortunately, I can’t make 2 or more weeks out of this trip because I have people to meet and obligations that I’ve already committed to which means I need to be in La Paz about 3 weeks ago!!! But I plan on arriving in La Paz either Sunday or Monday. How many days is that from today, I honestly do not know and while it would only take a quick second to figure out, I enjoy not knowing what day it is. But arriving in La Paz a bit sooner than I would like is really no reason to complain. I’ve got a plethora of people waiting to meet me and an equal amount of opportunities to begin exploring! 

I’ll have more to write as each day goes by… Assuming these damn Mosquitos don’t eat me first! If any of you reading this has any insect repellent and a boat/plane/helicopter, I’d really appreciate a care package/airdrop because it’s proving to be impossible to escape these bastards!

More later!