I’m Back… And with a twist!

Ahhh another twist has begun to unfold. And lying behind every twist are the tools to create an awesome adventure! But before I get into that, I’d like to apologize for the hiatus. I’d say that I’ve been too busy to write my blogs but in reality, I’ve just been so distracted and I really have been insanely busy. However, I enjoy story telling far too much to stay distracted for long! A lot has happened in the past couple months and I’m going to quickly jump into everything so pay attention closely!

As you all know, my goal is to cruise around the world. And before I bought Hakuna Matata, the plan was to leave to go cruise around the Sea of Cortez in November of 2014. For those of you who have been reading my blogs since the very beginning, you’ll remember reading about a woman named Heidy who introduced sailing to me and how we sailed different parts of the world together. Well here’s the big twist! Heidy and I have decided to make that goal of cruising thisOctober happen. So we’re back to work, equipping the boat for cruising. The goal is to leave this October 26th with the Baja-ha ha sailboat rally down to Cabo. San Lucas It’s a 9 day sail from San Diego to Cabo.

Just about a year ago to the day, Heidy and I were out boat shopping and found the boat we’re cruising on together for sale in Oxnard. She’s a 1984 Horizon Nemo 39′, otherwise known as “Que Sera”. When it was bought, the boat was fully setup for cruising which really put us ahead in the game. She’s fully equipped with solar, wind generators, radar, SSB, water maker, chart plotter, and a bunch of other electronics. I’ve spent a good amount of time sailing on Que Sera but the next 5 months are dedicated to getting her all dialed in and getting a lot of sailing time in.20140618-221655-80215528.jpgSo what does this mean for Hakuna Matata? Well this means that Hakuna Matata is being sold. Yes, it’s true and as much as I don’t want to do such a thing, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to live a life of adventure and take the chance to see if a bigger smile lies right around the corner. I’m placing my money on there being a bigger smile laying right around the corner for me. So the plan is to live on Hakuna Matata for the next couple months and then move onto Que Sera just prior to the big trip.

Hakuna Matata isn’t the only sacrifice that needs to be made if I want to sail around the world. I still have a storage unit full of stuff that I need to get rid of before tossing the dock lines. From camping gear to motorcycle gear, to tools, to misc. stuff, it all has to go because it can’t fit on the boat and I won’t be needing any of it. So everything is for sale or up for grabs in case any of you want it. It all needs to start going fast!

Since our time together is short, if you’d like to get out on the water and sail on Hakuna Matata, or Que Sera, let me know soon! I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me but still plan on many more days out on the water!

If you are interested in buying Hakuna Matata, shoot me an email or drop me a line so we can talk more!